The lightweight foundation you need

A little series I want to start on my blog is ‘my favourite beauty product’. Every month I want to tell you about my favourite product – make up, fragrance, hair, skincare. So whether its a new find or an olden goldie, you’ll see it here.

First up is the foundation that sailed through the past few months with me. I discovered this bad boy early this summer and I have to say, it’s up there with one of my fave foundations. It’s The Ordinary Serum Foundation. (Excuse the atrocious state of my current bottle.)


Personally, I love it when I’ve got make up on, but I don’t feel like I do. This is the perfect lightweight foundation. Although its light coverage, its definitely buildable. One layer is enough for me, but for those of you who like something a little heavier, you could achieve medium coverage with 2 layers!

I’ve had mine for a few months and although I’m running low, its lasted me longer than I expected. At an affordable £5.75, it’s just the same as walking into your nearest drugstore and picking up a Loreal one! (Although it’s probably cheaper than Loreal, which is even better.)

If you love heavy duty foundation that shows absolutely no imperfections, then this foundation probably isn’t the one for you. But throughout summer when the days have been super hot and the air has felt really thick, this has been my ‘go to’.

What’s your go to foundation?

Love always,

Leah x

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