Best affordable skincare for sensitive skin

Okay so I’m going to be brutally honest with you, I’m no skincare expert. I’m not even a huge skincare fanatic. I’d rather splurge out on a nice matte lippy than I would a swanky cleanser. But, as I’ve grown older I’ve learnt the life lesson that is “you HAVE to remove your make up every evening, you cannot leave it overnight or you will, I repeat YOU WILL get spots and feel like crap.”
So in todays post I thought I’d share with you my favourite affordable skincare products that keep my skin in shape.
I don’t have a strict skincare routine and I’m not 100% clued up on my skincare, but these are the products that have kept my skin clear for the past year or so.
Oh, and one more thing. I have sensitive skin, so every product I use has to be especially for sensitive skin, otherwise my skin has a hissy fit and goes a little weird.


Starting with the legendary Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for sensitive skin. What a blooming great product. I’d be surprised if you’ve never seen this before but if you haven’t and I have the pleasure of telling you about it, then it’s your lucky day. This product simply takes your make up off. Pair this product with some Oval cotton pads from Primark (90p for 100) and you’ve got a winning combination. Pour some of the micellar water onto the cotton pad and wipe your face clean! Yeah, it’s really that simple.
I normally buy the bigger bottle which is £7.99 for 700ml, I use it every day and one bottle normally lasts me about 2 months! (Bare in mind, I don’t wear make up every day so I don’t normally use a lot each day!)
Side note – Because of my sensitive skin, I always get this one which has been developed specifically for sensitive skin. But if your skin is not as sensitive, Gariner do a few different formulas for different skin types so keep your eyes peeled for those.


Next up is a new find of mine! Another drugstore hero. It’s the Garnier botanical gel wash with aloe extract.
I have always been pretty lazy with my skincare, anything that needs effort to use I try avoid. However, this face wash is super easy to use which is why I like it so much. All you have to do is squeeze some onto the palms of your hands, rub into your face and then wash it off with some water! It leaves my skin feeling so soft and refreshed.
I normally use this straight after taking my make up off. If I’m 100% honest, I can’t say I’ve noticed dramatic skin improvements since I started using it. It just gives my skin a ‘proper good wash’ which is much needed after a long day at work. In the products defence, it doesn’t claim its going to do anything life changing. It says “It efficiently removes excess sebum, impurities and pollution for perfectly clean, fresh and hydrated skin.” I can vouch for all of that! I don’t know if you can do an experiment to see if a product has actually removed pollution from your skin, but if you can, be sure to let me know in the comments.


Finally, we have the best cleanser on Earth. That is The Body Shop’s Camomile Scrumptious Cleansing Butter. I was introduced to this product by my darling friend Chloe, who is my little skincare guru, I always go to her for tips and tricks on skincare. (Side note – I’d actually love to get Chloe on my blog or YouTube channel and give some expert skincare advice. She has been on an amazing skincare journey and I’d love you to hear all about it!) I tried this cleanser out once at her house and within the next week, I’d already been out to buy myself one!
This product removes every last bit of make up from your face. You simply just massage it into your face (including eyes!) and then wipe it away with a wet flannel. Its so easy to use. Although the above products are fabulous, they don’t remove every bit of make up. This product is THE ONE. I couldn’t recommend it enough. Also, it’s £10 and it lasts such a long time. I got mine around Christmas 2017 and I’m on the same tub… that says something!

So there we have it, my top skincare products. You’ll notice I have no toner and no moisturiser so if you have any recommendations for sensitive skin, let me know!

Love always,

Leah x

One thought on “Best affordable skincare for sensitive skin

  1. I now need to go and treat myself to a shopping spree and try your recommendations such are always spreeding positve vibes and inspiration and ill always love you for that xxxxx


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