2018 Round Up & Goals for 2019

2018 was a rollercoaster of a year. Here are some highlights:

2018 started off with very cold temperatures and lots of weekends seeing my boyfriend, Ben. It was a lovely slow start to the year, filled with lots of coffee and cosy nights. (The image below was taken in one of our favourite coffee shops!)

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 11.39.48.png

Feb came around slowly, it seemed to drag. I had some great times in Feb though; Valentines day came around and for the first time EVER, I actually had a valentine. Ben sent me flowers and I was chuffed. We also had a great weekend in Bath, which I loved that much I am re-visiting next month.

screen shot 2019-01-13 at 11.34.58

March was snowy. Yes, you read it! Snow in March. I felt like summer was never going to come!


April brought Spring, warmer weather, and my beautiful baby niece was born. Happy days. My American friend Debbie came over to visit too, which was so exciting! We showed her around London and although she didn’t get to meet the Queen (does every person outside the UK think every British person has met the Queen?), she did get to see Buckingham Palace.

screen shot 2019-01-13 at 11.32.21

In May, my boyfriend and I went to BALI! It was SO good, we had an amazing adventure that I’ll never forget.


June brought a heatwave. Good old rainy England actually had the pleasure of ultimate rays for about 2 months, and I loved it. I would wear my sunglasses every day, walk around in shorts and a little top, and I even sunbathed… in my own country! (If you’re not from England, you probably won’t understand how happy everyone was here!)


July was sooooo hot. I remember spending lots of time sat in the garden, because my mum got overexcited about the warm weather and ordered a ton of new garden furniture. I’d even eat my dinner outside in the garden… lush.


August was my birthday! I received my second bunch of roses from Ben and went out for a delicious meal with my parents. Yum. After having two months of non-stop sunshine, it rained on my birthday. Thanks mr weatherman, thanks a lot.


September was the beginning of Autumn. We had our last days of sun and I remember eating ice cream thinking ‘I am going to miss summer’.


In October I spent a weekend in London which was super fun, we also went pumpkin picking for the first time (I picked a big ‘un), and I another 2,000 people subscribed to my YouTube channel this month! (Thank you!)


My first national trust walk was in November. Autumn leaves covered the floor, and I wrapped up in my new coat and explored ‘Mottisfont’, a beautiful national trust walk that I would highly reccomend!

screen shot 2019-01-13 at 11.15.58

And then December, the festive month that I vlogged throughout the whole of. I felt really Christmassy this year which was lovely and Christmas day was spent with all my family, which I loved!

screen shot 2019-01-13 at 11.14.46

So 2018 sounds like it was my year, right? It sounds pretty rosey from what I’ve outlined thus far. But I’m going to be honest with you. I actually felt very stressed throughout the year. I had a lot on my plate and when it got to the second half of the year, I felt my mental health deteriorate, so much so that I ended up in hospital after collapsing. I forgot that looking after myself is actually important. I think many of us forget from time to time. I would put other people first 24/7 and never give myself any ‘me’ time. Whenever I did, I would feel guilty that I wasn’t doing something more productive.

Life sometimes feels like you’re non-stop running. Constantly on the move. Busy doing different things. Appointments. Meals. Tests. Exams. Deadlines. Booking hotels. Travelling. Trains. Busses. Money. All piling up and weighing heavy on our shoulders. Its really important to give yourself a break. Just stop. You’re doing just fine.

One thing I’ve recently started to discover (after listening to Fearne Cottons podcast ‘Happy Place’ and her interview with Gary Barlow), is that everyone is in their own lane. Stop comparing yourself to people who aren’t in your lane. Its a complete waste of time, and will only make you feel bad.

Start doing things that will make YOU feel good. Not things that might please somebody else. Start putting yourself first. It doesn’t have to be all the time, even if its for just 20 minutes a day, or less. Have a bit of ‘me’ time, I dare you.

What will 2019 bring?

screen shot 2019-01-13 at 10.52.29

In 2019 I’d like to give myself regular breaks, whether that be on my own chilling out, or with a friend watching a good film, just having some time to escape from the world.
Everything is so fast paced when you enter the big wide world. Everything and everyone is constantly on the move, going about their business. I need to just remember how important it is to chill.

I would also like to hop on more planes and explore some more places. I have some very exciting trips booked this year! Budapest, Thailand & Singapore. For any of you who watch my YouTube videos, I will be vlogging! Exciting times!

I would like to complete (and pass) the marketing course that I have recently enrolled on.

I am going to aim to keep my YouTube videos regular.

I would like to start preparing my outfits more. I take great pleasure in choosing outfits, so I want to take more time in doing this.

Non of my goals are too strict. They are all realistic and achievable. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself. My Mum once told me ‘the person who puts the most pressure on you Leah, is you!’ She was right, completely, utterly, entirely correct. I should stop being so harsh on myself! I should probably start to compliment myself like I compliment others. You should do the same.
Small acts of kindness to others are always recognised and appreciated, so maybe doing small acts of kindness to ourselves is something we should start? Unfollow that girl who makes you feel like shit every time she uploads a selfie. Unfollow that couple who make you feel like you need to find love immediately. Wear a face mask. Buy yourself your favourite chocolate bar. But don’t just do it, enjoy it. Take time out to enjoy the little things. Take small steps that will make you feel better about yourself, and the life you live. Trust me, they all add up and will ultimately make you lead a happier life.

Okay, thats a wrap! I feel like a lot of my blog posts are very ‘rambly’ (that is definitely not a word), sorry about that. I hope you’ve enjoyed recapping on my life in 2018! Its actually been quite fun so if you have a spare hour, sit and look through all your photos that you took throughout 2018. I get photos printed out regularly, and put them all in a memory box. If you don’t already take lots of photos, start doing it. They capture moments that could be forgotten.

Thank you so much for reading. I’ll let you know on my Instagram when the next post on here will be!

Speak soon,

Leah x

P.S. Happy 2019, make it a good one x


5 thoughts on “2018 Round Up & Goals for 2019

  1. Love this post Leah, and how it was focused a lot more on self care, as everyone’s life should be. I also love quick blog posts, you didn’t ramble about your year and also didn’t leave out the bad bits. Here’s to a prosperous and loving 2019 x


  2. love this! loved the idea of stopping comparing yourselves to others that aren’t even in the same lane/road/life as you! definitely taken a lot of advice and inspired me to write my own realistic and open goals for 2019 that aren’t restrictive and encourage a bit more self love! love ur blog & u 💖😂


      1. i’m feeling like that a lot lately! really need to tackle that this year and learning to love myself no matter what etc etc😂 keep it up, really inspiring no joke dude x


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